Fondateur : Maria José Garcia-Garrido

Langue : anglais

128 pages

Format : grande taille, papier mate ou brillant de grande qualité.

Cible : photographie, mode, art de vivre, art, design, cinéma, culture, articles.

Prix: 21 CHF

TIGER Magazine is a biannual publication that presents a creative contemporary culture from an honest and aesthetic perspective. It brings together icons from the world of art, fashion and design, so that it is a true reproduction of reality, with beauty as a theme throughout its pages.

TIGER passes onto its readers the vision of renowned international photographers through extensive editorials. The world of influential cultural figures supports the predominant visual project. TIGER grows organically with its readers.

Ten thousand copies are distributed throughout Europe, the United States and Japan. It is placed strategically in speciality stores and boutiques, museums and bookstores, for example: Colette and Le Palais de Tokyo of Tokyo in Paris, Corso Como 10 in Milan, Do you read me? in Berlin, Papercut in Stockholm, The Photographers Gallery in London and Collector and Free Time in Barcelona, amongst others.

Magazine’s consumer likes to shop and enjoys admiring the beauty of film and art.

The readers of TIGER Magazine are between 30-50 years old and live in thriving, urban, cosmopolitan cities in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Their environment tends to overwhelm them with too much information but it is they who decide what they want to read and consume. The typical reader of TIGER has a high cultural understanding and their purchasing power allows them to travel for pleasure and often for business. They speak various languages and like to keep up to date with the latest designs, art and creative culture. Their profession is liberal and often relates in general, to the world of design and graphic art.

They are aware of what is occurring around them, keep themselves informed and take sides in political, social and environmental issues. They are conscious and concerned about high quality goods and consumer services.

TIGER lacks a rigid format, but this does not result in chaos across its pages. Clearly iden- tified by its different size and weight of pa- per used in the magazine. Fashion editorials which occupy a main part, with long stories in which the photographer is given free rein to create a true genius. With a predominance of black and white over color and approxima- tely 16 pages dedicated to each shoot, TIGER offers its readers a true visual delight from start to finish.

Inside, we introduce the new insert named LyRICs which offers the journalist side in a strictest sense: articles and interviews that are transformed into cultural conversations, with fashion always being in the background. These fuse in a natural manner with other styles of literature, like poetry or fairy tales.

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